16 April 2011

To the 3rd Power

All good things come in threes
by MizzMatt 4/16/11 on Twitter @mizzou_matt_j
Columbia, MO- There's the old saying "Third time's a charm", right?  What about three points?  In all three Mizzou athletic events today, that's how many points were scored by the Tigers. 

QB Ashton Glaser
In the first half of the Black & Gold game, the reserves (who started with a 14-point advantage) edged the starters 21-10, but in the second half, which was offense slated against defense, the O took home a 3-0 shutout.  Current QB leader Tyler Gabbert struggled throughout, while James Franklin, Ashton Glaser and other quarterback Ryan Howerton came out with howitzers.

Ashton's first four passes were completions, as he finished 14/17 for 95 yards.  James Franklin went for 116 yards and two scores.
QB Ryan Howerton
Howerton went 4/6 for 24 yards, while Gabbert went 8/22 for 48 yards and an interception.  It certainly brings to the forefront that nothing is ever a lock, as just when it appeared Tyler Gabbert would be the starter, he's struggled, but that's not to say the other QBs didn't have their share of misfortune.  Franklin struggled to find his accuracy early on, as he shortchanged and threw it out of reach of his receivers on more than one occasion.  He missed an easy bubble screen to T.J. Moe, by thinking T.J. was a cool 6-feet-9-inches tall.  E.J. Gaines had the lone interception, while Trey Hobson recovered the lone fumble.
Game two of the day was the softball game against big rival Oklahoma.  The Tigers currently hold the longest-active streak in the NCAA as far as home victories at 30.  After leading OU 2-1 in the top of the 6th, the Sooners tied it up, and it wasn't until a walk-off home run by the Tigers to give them the 3-2 victory, extending their home streak to 31.  Tomorrow's game is at 3pm, and will be broadcast nationally on ESPN's flagship network (DirecTV channel 206).
Game three was the Border War- baseball style.  The Kansas Jayhawks were in town, and after demoralizing the Tigers last night 8-3, Mizzou was looking for some revenge.  After committing an error in the top of the 1st, the beakers took a 1-0 lead, and would add to it again in the top of the third.  That was the last time they would cross the plate and have it count.  The Tigers tied it up in the bottom of the fifth, and a RBI single by Blake Brown in the bottom of the ninth set up the 3-2 victory for the Tigers.  The final game of the series is tomorrow at 1p at Taylor Stadium.
Blake Brown's RBI single in the bottom of the ninth.

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