30 January 2012

Official Statement

 *not official statement from the University of Missouri
Apparently, some think that we Mizzou faithful are overreacting to Brendon Hudson's tweet. In today's age, all posts that are put out via the internet that could be taken as a viable and credible threat should be taken seriously. Virginia Tech University, Columbine High School, even the University of Texas have had school shootings that could have (and probably should have) been prevented. Our condolences continue to go out to the victims, families, and friends of those heinous acts.

That being said, even if Brendon was "joking" (as he last tweeted before his account was removed for whatever reason), why would someone joke about a school shooting? As a Mizzou fans, of course we're going to be upset over that tweet, but he is a grown person who should know better. It's not that we went "creeping" on the internet to find it, it's called searching for the word "Mizzou" on Twitter and seeing what people are saying. It happens all the time here on Facebook with their new "Ticker". If someone from Mizzou were to make a "joke" like that toward kU, it would be "blown out of proportion" by the jayhawk faithful as well.

There were comparisons made that the notion of Mizzou fraternities wearing a shirt that says "NMT" (No Mom Tom, poking fun at Thomas Robinson's dead mother and grandparents) is worse than a "joke" about a school shooting. Not only was NMT a false rumor started by a kU fan, it also didn't condone violence. Even if you think that Mizzou fans and this page blew Brendon's "joke" out of proportion, kU did just the same with the NMT shirts, and they would do the same if a Mizzou fan made that same "joke" tweet about kansas. Was it our intention to probably ruin his college XC career? No. I was personally unaware of his involvement in the kU athletic department until early this morning. Was it our intention to ruin his life on social media? No, but again, common sense would dictate that if you're going to say something for millions to see, you should probably show some class and use some tact. As stated above, ALL statements that could be considered a credible threat on another human life should be taken seriously.

Would someone joke about hijacking a plane? Probably not.
With all this being said, I'm hopeful that, in the future, Brendon will show some consideration as to what he's posting. Consideration for the events that preceded his tweet. The events stated above. Nobody should ever condone, nor downplay, a shooting at any American institution, whether it be a FedEx office in Los Angeles or a university in Virginia.

29 January 2012


Brendon Hudson no longer on Twitter

That's right, Tiger fans. Whether it be by act of Twitter or by his own accord, Brendon Hudson is no longer on Twitter.

The cross-country Jayhawk tweeted last night that he hopes there is a school shooting at Mizzou, then later tweeted that it was a "joke".

A New Low

Kansas fans stoop to all-time low
by Mizzou Matt
COLUMBIA, MO- Just when you thought they couldn't get more classless, fans of Kansas University stoop to a level that we never thought they would go to, but not surprised they did. Again, Twitter is the means of conveyance of the incident. Surprised at that? Didn't think so.

Brendon Hudson, more commonly known as @brendonhudson_3 on Twitter, had this to say about the University of Missouri:
"Dude I hope there's a school shooting at #Mizzou." @ColinJokisch
No, I'm not even joking about that.
He followed that up with:
"Mizzou fans are butt hurt over my last tweet.....nmt tops it. #fuckoff"

Authorities have been notified, and Twitter has been made aware of these tweets, and action is presumably being taken. Stay tuned to Mizzou Nation for updates.

27 January 2012

Troubled Fan Bases

Comprehensive look at "classy" fan bases
by Mizzou Matt

Rewind the calender if you will back to 2003, when Missouri beat Nebraska in football for the first time since 1978. A Tiger fan who rushed the field following the upset was sucker punched and knocked out by Nebraska's Kellen Huston. Nebraska blamed the fan for being on the field, but all fingers pointed to Huston for not having self control following the loss.

Bring it to more recent memories, to week two of the 2011 college football season. The game took place on a Friday night, for ESPN Prime Time. Ring any bells? It should. It was Mizzou at Arizona State. Rewind just a bit further and go back to what a Sun Devil fan said when he made the comparison to the devastating tornado that literally took out the city of Joplin on May 22, 2011.

Mizzou fans were, of course, pissed. Threats were sent back and forth between the bases, and after the dust settled following the Tigers' overtime loss, all that was left in the wake was a few hurt feelings.

How about more recently, in November, when BYU center Brandon Davies was heckled by Utah State fans for his off-court sex allegations. It embarrassed the university, who is operated by the Church of Latter-Day Saints, but again, nothing really came of it. BYU's suspension of Davies was served, and he was allowed to return to playing.

January rolls around and it's time for "The Rematch"- LSU vs Alabama for the BCS National Championship. Jack-jawing fans spewed all kinds of filth back and forth en route to Alabama's lopsided shutout victory. A Tide fan took the celebration too far, when he teabagged a passed out Bayou Bengals fan. And people thought that Cornhusker fans were classy?

Bring it to almost present day, when Michigan State freshman Branden Dawson apparently yelled out at Purdue's Robbie Hummel "I hope you tear your ACL again!" from up in the Izzone (named for Spartans' head coach Tom Izzo). Boilermaker head coach Matt Painter turned and had an exchange with Dawson during the game, which of course only brought about more heckling. Izzo has scolded the fan base for that incident, stating "I'm gonna handle it." Dawson, from Gary, IN, was recruited by Painter and his staff, but chose to take his heckling talents to East Lansing.

What does all this mean? Why am I bringing all this up?

I bring up these instances of classless fans and fan bases because this past week, a rumor was started online that a group of Mizzou students/fans were going to be wearing t-shirts that had the letters "NMT" printed on them. The letters, a reference to Kansas guard Thomas Robinson, took a cheap shot at his deceased mother, grandmother, and grandfather. The letters stand for "No Mom Tom". It certainly got both sides of the rivalry stirring in their seats, chomping at the bit for the February 4th match up at Mizzou Arena. After all, Kansas is notorious for their fans calling, texting, as well as sending nasty messages through Facebook and Twitter to Mizzou players. "It's all a part of the rivalry."

Here's the irony- nobody at the University of Missouri even knew of this alleged plan.

"Wait, so what's going on here?" Tiger fans are obviously upset because they thought they had what many are calling a "douchebag" in their fan base. Kansas fans are upset because of the low-blow the reference takes. 'T-Rob' has been through a lot since the tragedies of last year, which all happened within a month of each other. Now, it is just him and his sister.

Back to the irony. Nobody at Mizzou, and apparently nobody in the state of Missouri knew what was going on....until it was posted on a Kansas fan message board. The post originator's IP (internet protocol) address was traced to the Lawrence, KS area. 

Hmm..something is amiss here.

Could it be that a Jayhawk fan made up a heinous rumor to get a rise out of the Kansas faithful? Personally, I wouldn't put it past them, but to make a rumor such as this just to get a rise out of a fan base is lower than low.

Don't get me wrong, I hate Kansas with every fiber of my being, and I have a strong disdain for T-Rob because he is a Jayhawk, but I'm not about to go blasting the guy's dead mother. That's below me. That's below us. That's below Mizzou.

A representative of the infamous Mizzou cheering section, The Antlers, had this to say via the group's official Twitter account:
"ATTENTION INTERNET: STOP BEING SO STUPID! We aren't making any signs, shirts, billboards or keychains with a "NMT" slogan. That's below us."
"We don't know how stuff like this gets started, but no. We are not printing any shirts, or signs and don't endorse that slogan" 
But all these instances beg the question- "How far is too far?" Obviously, in a case like Robinson, that's too far. In a case like Hummel, that's too far. In a case like the LSU fan, that's too far. Rivalries and jack-jawing are all fun and games, but when you start talking about bodily harm, wishing death or dismemberment, or mocking a guy because he has a dead mother, that definitely crosses the proverbial line in the sand. NOBODY should ever have to put up with that, not from rival schools, and certainly not from people in their own fan base, and nobody, I repeat NOBODY at Mizzou is condoning, endorsing, or planning on using the "NMT" slogan. Ever.

21 January 2012

Mizzou Update

Mizzou men BIG win, women continue search for conf. win, Olympic update
by Mizzou Matt
WACO, TX- The University of Missouri sauntered in to Waco, Texas ranked 5th in the country. 3rd ranked Baylor, who suffered their first loss of the season on the road at Kansas, looked for revenge. Two teams with two losses between them. Someone had to go.

Ricardo Ratliffe went off for the Tigers, scoring a career-high 27 points. Phil Pressey, who had a very nice assist to Ratliffe to go into the half, finished the game with 18 points, 7 assists and 6 steals. Ratliffe also grabbed eight boards while blocking two. Marcus Denmon (15) and Kim English (10) were the other two Tigers in double digit scoring. The older Pressey Brother, Matt, finished with 9, Michael Dixon had 6, and Steve Moore chipped in a well-earned 4 of his own.

The Tigers led by ten with about two minutes to play, but Baylor quickly dropped that to only a couple. A missed Denmon free throw made Tiger fans' hearts skip a beat, and as the second one went in to give the Tigers a 4-pt lead, an audible exhale could be heard from all around Mizzou Nation. They could allow a three, and still win, and that's exactly what happened as Baylor scored a 3-pointer from the corner as the buzzer sounded to make it a one point loss. Tigers with the win, 89-88.

"That's what makes our league so great. There's no easy game," Baylor coach Scott Drew said. "Hopefully we'll get back to rebounding a little better, trying to get to the free-throw line like we were for most of the year, and then go from there." 

Drew, who was given a technical foul in the second half, has lost two straight games after leading Baylor to their best start in program history (17-0). "I deserved it," Drew said. "I didn't cuss at him though."

Mizzou coach Frank Haith had nothing but praise for his squad. "Obviously this was a great win for us," coach Haith said. "Our guys showed tremendous poise down the stretch. Throughout the game, we played with great toughness."

The win is the fourth straight for Mizzou after losing on the road to Kansas State. Next for the Tigers is a road game in Stillwater, OK against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The game is Jan. 25th, with the tip off slated for 6:30p/CST, and the game will be broadcast on ESPN2.

Today's game was the first-ever sellout crowd in program history for Baylor basketball.

Missouri also defeated Texas A&M on Monday, Jan. 16th, by the score of 70-51.

Women search for first conference win
COLUMBIA, MO- The Missouri women's basketball program continued their search for their first conference victory tonight against Oklahoma State, but that search has been prolonged by another game as they drop a heartbreaking 62-58 game in Mizzou Arena.The Lady Tigers fall to 10-7, 0-6 on the year.

A season-high 3,015 showed up for the game, as Christine Flores dropped a game-high 20 points. Morgan Eye also contributed with 11 points of her own. Next on the schedule for the Lady Tigers is Texas, in Austin, on the 25th. Tip is 7p/CST.

COLUMBIA, MO- The wrestling team was not in action this week, but the gymnastics squad hosted the 16th ranked Denver Pioneers in their annual Pink Out on Friday the 20th. Mizzou won all four event titles, with Racheal Updike claiming top honors on vault, beam and floor. Allie Heizelman won on bars as the Pioneers' Melody Pulgarin Linero took home the all-around title. Mizzou upset Denver 194.725-194.625 and move to 3-0 on the year.

Softball will enter the 2012 campaign ranked #1 in the Big 12's preseason poll. Season tickets are on sale now.

15 January 2012

Mizzou Recap

Men bounce back, women continue losing skid, Olympic Sports Update
by Mizzou Matt
The University of Missouri men's and women's basketball squad were in action over the past week, with the men going to Iowa State and the women to Manhattan to take on the Wildcats.

The men, coming off a road loss against K-State, their first of the season, looked to bounce back against the Cyclones, and bounce back they did, winning 76-69. The Tigers carried that momentum into Saturday's game against Texas, and powered by Ricardo Ratliffe's 21 points and Marcus Denmon and Phil Pressey adding double-doubles of their own, Mizzou rolled to a 84-73 win over the Longhorns. The Tiger men are now 16-1, 3-1 on the year.

The double-doubles by Pressey and Denmon were Pressey's second of his career (Central Arkansas, 2011) and Denmon's was the first of his career. Denmon had 18 points and 11 rebounds, while Flip became just the fifteenth Tiger, and the first since 1975, to have a DD in points and assists. Pressey netted 18 and dished out 10 for the Tigers. Mizzou, who had just six 20+ assist games all last season, and none in Big 12 play, have six so far this year and two in consecutive Big 12 match ups.

The women lost to Kansas State on Wednesday, and their skid continued on Sunday against Kansas. The Tigers dropped their fourth straight game with a 71-61 loss to the Jayhawks at Mizzou Arena. After starting the year 10-1, Mizzou has fallen to 10-5, 0-4 in 2011-12.
On the Olympic sports side, the 9th ranked wrestling defeated #23 Edinboro 19-16 after tiebreakers to advance to the championship round of the Virginia Duals, where they lost 14-18 to #22 Kent State. 

The track & field men defeated Kansas 92-85, but the women wouldn't fair so well, losing 106-75. As a team, they would lose the match 191-167. 

Gymnastics traveled to Utah to take on Southern Utah to cap off a home-and-home, where the Tigers came away with a 195.525-193.300 victory.

11 January 2012

Mizzou Soccer Alumnus Making a Difference (via CDT)

Making A Difference


Kari Adam is one of those invaluable mentors. After serving with Big Brothers Big Sisters for a few years, she heard through her church, The Crossing, that there was going to be a service day at Coyote Hill; however, she couldn’t go. She later contacted Development Director Kari Salmon and offered to volunteer. Because she “didn’t know much about the place,” she went out there for a tour and to meet a few of the kids, which reinforced her desire to volunteer at Coyote Hill.

Because of her interest in the mentoring program, she was immediately paired with a 7-year-old girl living in one of the homes. Her mentorship had minimal expectations of visits once a month; anything beyond that was up to Kari. Her primary goal was to build a healthy, encouraging relationship with “Sarah,” and soon Kari was visiting her once a week. They spent time doing activities in the home as well as making trips to Columbia for visits to the mall, park and ice cream shop.

In the fall, Kari returned to her classes at the University of Missouri, where she was part of the soccer team. For Friday-evening games, Kari would drive to Coyote Hill, pick up Sarah after school and then head to the field. It’s safe to say Sarah was Kari’s biggest fan, and Kari was Sarah’s.

During soccer season, Kari maintained her weekly visits, and as soon as the season ended, she was driving to Coyote Hill twice a week, a round trip of 55 miles. As Kari would say, “I’m obsessed with that place. If I could be there every day, I would.”

Kari, 23, a native of Overland Park, Kan., is the daughter of Doug and Becky Adam and came to Columbia to attend MU. She has a younger brother, Jason, who, after high school graduation, was drafted by the Kansas City Royals and is now in the minor leagues. At MU, she majored in speech pathology, graduating last May, and is now pursuing her master’s in autism.

“For the past three years, I did home-based therapy with a couple of boys with autism. Just working with them made me realize that’s what I wanted to do,” she said. She plans to finish her master’s degree in December. Kari played all four years at MU on the women’s soccer team. “I really like running, being outside and being around kids,” she said.

Because Sarah was such a regular around the MU soccer team, the training staff and strength-and-conditioning staff quickly developed a love for Sarah as well. The direct link between Sarah and the staff ignited an interest for them to become more involved with Coyote Hill. For Christmas, Coyote Hill seeks sponsors for all of the children and homes. The MU training staff and strength staff sponsored every child in the Zimmer Home; Kari and her family then sponsored the House Wish List.

“It was quite incredible to see seven children’s wish lists completely sponsored all because of Kari’s mentorship with Sarah,” Salmon said. “She was quickly designated our ‘All Star Mentor.’ Her commitment to Sarah and Coyote Hill went above and beyond our expectations. Kari’s love for Coyote Hill has extended to her circle of friends, teammates and family. Coyote Hill now has mentors for two other children directly because of Kari.

“I often meet new prospective volunteers who know of Coyote Hill because of Kari,” Salmon continued. “She is more than a volunteer, more than a mentor — she’s an advocate for Coyote Hill and our mission against child abuse and neglect.”

Kari Adam’s goals for her mentoring experience were simple: befriend a young girl and be a positive influence. She has gone well beyond those goals and has inspired others to serve as well. Her love for Sarah and Coyote Hill motivates others to do the same.

Reach Irene Haskins at 573-815-1721 or e-mail ihaskins@columbiatribune.com

07 January 2012



The Tigers enter the contest at 14-0. This is their first 14-0 start since 1982. Mizzou is with only seven scholarship players, Kadeem Green transferred away from the program prior to the Oklahoma game on Tuesday.

Battle of the Franks:
Frank Martin (106-45 at KSU) vs Frank Haith (14-0 at MU)

5'10 SO Phil Pressey, 6'2 SR Matt Pressey, 6'8 SR- Ricardo Ratliffe, 6'3 SR Marcus Denmon and 6'6 SR Kim English start for Mizzou.
6'7 SR Jamar Samuels, 6'11 JR Jordan Henriquez, 6'1 JR Martavius Irving, 6'2 SR Will Spradling, 6'4 JR Rodney McGruder start for the Wildcats.

Mizzou is shooting 52% from the floor coming into this game.

K-State gets the opening tip.

Traveling by the Wildcats.

First points: Henriquez

Two turnovers already for Mizzou, no shots.

Matt Pressey with the rebound.

Matt Pressey for 3, 3-2 Mizzou.

Denmon with rebound.

English for three, missed. Phil Pressey offensive rebound

Traveling by Ratliffe.

Foul on Ratliffe. First personal, first team. Steve Moore to replace Ratliffe.

Jamar Samuels at the FT line. Made first, made second. 4-3 KSU lead.

Denmon shot blocked.

KSU foul.

Mizzou shot missed, Samuels rebound.

KSU two-pt. 6-3

Three pointer KSU, 9-3

Mizzou turnover leads to under 16:00 timeout.

1/2 FTs for KSU, 10-3 Wildcats

Denmon and Moore both miss, foul on Kim English.

McGruder makes it 12-3 Wildcats

The Tigers have good ball movement, but can't get decent shots or drive to the rim.

Moore to the line for two free throws- missed the first. Made the second. 10-0 run stopped by Mizzou, 12-4 Wildcats lead

K-State now leads 14-4

Demon with a 3pt to cut into the deficit, 14-7 KSU lead.

16-7 KSU off a mid-range jumper.

Denmon with 2nd 3pt, 16-10 Wildcats

Spradling responds with 3pt of his own, 19-10 KSU lead at the under 12:00 timeout. Denmon with 6 pts.

Michael Dixon for two FTs. Missed the first. Made the second. Dixon now 55/61 for free throws on the year.

McGruder makes it 21-11 KSU.

Denmon missed a 3pt attempt. KSU rebound.

Henriquez to the line for two. Made the first. Missed the second. 22-11.

Moore to the line for two. 1/2 on the game. Missed the first. Made the second. Moore now 2/4 free throws on the day. 22-12 KSU leads.

Matt Pressey shot blocked by Henriquez.

Dixon to the line for two. 1/2 on the game. Made the first. Dixon shooting 91% free throws on the year prior to this game. Made the second. 3/4 on the game, 57/63 on the year.

Foul off the ball on Matt Pressey. His first, 5th team.

McGruder with the put-back. McGruder has 10. Ratliffe turns the ball over, KSU leads 24-14

McGruder with his second personal.

Foul on the Wildcats sends Phil Pressey to the line for 2. Missed the first. Made the second. Flip 1/2.

Spradling extends the lead to 26-15

Blocked out of bounds by Henriquez. Still Missouri ball.

Another block by KSU's Henriquez.

Missouri having problems getting the ball down low.

McGruder with 10, Spradling with 8 pts for the Wildcats.

Dixon's 3pt shot missed. KSU rebound

No call as Samuels knocks down English. 28-15 KSU.

Under 8:00 timeout.

30-16 KSU lead.

Ratliffe with a rebound.

Charge on Ratliffe.

KSU spreading Mizzou out along the perimeter, driving to the basket. 32-17 Wildcats

8th turnover by Mizzou. Most this season: 13 in a game.

Foul and one for the Wildcats. Largest lead of the game at 17, chance to make it 18. Foul is on English- 2nd. 35-17 after the 2+1

22 points in the paint for KSU, Missouri with 0.

Missouri in the bonus, Flip to the line. Made the front end of the 1-and-1. Made the second. 35-19

Spradling for 3pt. 38-19

Denmon with the back door drive at 4:03. First FG in over 8 minutes. 12:20 was last FG.

No call on Spradling blocking Dixon. Flip with the steal, Dixon turns the ball over. 9 T/Os at the under 4:00 timeout. 38-21

5th block for the Wildcats.

Moore one and done. 38-21. Mizzou 4/18 from the floor.

Denmon makes it 40-23. First points in the paint on the day.

Spradling makes the first of the 1-and-1. Made the second. 42-23 Wildcats.

Matt Pressey misses the 3pt long. Timeout KSU with :55.2 left in the first. Wildcats lead by 19.

Last Missouri win in Manhattan- 2005.

Irving makes it a 21-pt advantage. Timeout Missouri with :29.3 to play. 44-23 KSU

Missouri playing for the last shot. Denmon to the line with :3.8 in the half.

Denmon makes the first. Makes the 2nd. 44-25 at the half as Dixon misses the buzzer beater.

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