23 June 2011

Post 99: MN T-Shirts?

Portion of sales to benefit Joplin
by MizzMatt 6/23/11
Columbia, MO- It's something I've been tossing around in my head for a while now- what to do for my 100th blog post. It has to be something big. I wanted an interview with a Mizzou athlete or member of the coaching staff (not as easy as it may sound, especially in the off season), so I racked my brain for hours upon hours and came up with this idea to commemorate my 100th post, to say thank you to all my fans on Facebook, and to help raise money for the Joplin, MO tornado relief.

T-shirts. Something I don't have to do, but something that I want to do. All up front costs come out of my pocket. I have no funding for my blog or for this project I'm willing to undertake. Joplin has lost so much, and this is my way of doing what I can to help them out. So what might the shirts look like?

Simple, not too over the top. A small design on the front left chest area and just simple text that says "MIZZOU NATION" and the website "www.facebook.com/MizzouNation1839" on the back. While it is not fully decided on which color of shirt will be used (either Black or Gold), or even if this dream will become a reality, I can say this- if it is done, a very limited supply of about 50 shirts will be available. Once I get a cost estimate of how much the shirts will cost me, the price will be set. Shipping will be included in the overall price of the shirt, and one lucky Mizzou Nation fan will receive one of these shirts for free (again, if I decide to do it)..so be on the look out for the link to buy one of these shirts! It may be coming to a news feed near you!!

 Left- One possible front design.
Below- Other possible front design.
Right- Back text lettering with website.

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