17 July 2011

The Catch That Never Was

2010 Insight.com Bowl, reluctantly revisited
by: MizzMatt 7/17/11
ESPNU has been replaying football games for a long time, and nothing seems to be able to change that. From the highlight reel grabs to the game films you study to improve next time, they show it. They've shown Mizzou vs Oklahoma a couple of times already, but today was a heartbreaker to watch. Mizzou vs Iowa in the Insight.com Bowl. Iowa led the entire game until Mizzou took the lead late in the third quarter. That would be the last time the Tigers would score.

The fourth quarter was full of suspense, as Micah Hines returned an interception off of Blaine Gabbert 72 yards for a TD. That would be the last points scored in the game, but it'd prove to be the most costly. The Tigers did threaten late, but it just wasn't meant to be. Mizzou's final drive:
  • Gabbert to Moe for 7 yards to the 26 yard line
  • Moore rush for 6 yards to 32 yard line and first down
  • Gabbert incomplete, intended for Egnew
  • Iowa holding penalty accepted for 10 yards. Ball on Mizzou 42 yard line
  • Gabbert to Jerrell Jackson 4 yards to the MU 46
  • Gabbert to Moe for 5 yards to the IA 49
  • Gabbert 2 yard rush to IA 47, 1st down
  •  Kendial Lawrence 1 yard rush to IA 46
  • Gabbert 3 yard rush to IA 43
  • Pass incomplete to Rolandis Woodland, ball on IA 43.
  • *Pass incomplete to Moe, turnover on downs - 10 plays, 38 yards, 3:17 TOP
I put an asterisk by that last play to Moe, because the call was originally ruled a catch, later reviewed, and overturned as incomplete. You be the judge:

Was it a catch? Incomplete? Everybody on the side of Mizzou would say it was a catch, while those on Iowa's sideline would say that there was no way he caught that. Either way, that was MU's last-ditch effort to try and regain the lead they surrendered at the 8:25 mark. As we all are aware, Iowa defeated Mizzou, handing us our third loss of the season as the game ended with a 27-24 Hawkeye victory. We fell to 10-3, 6-2 for the 2010 season.

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