19 October 2011


Josey, running game the "catalyst" for the offense
by Mizzou Matt 10/19/11
COLUMBIA, MO- As the University of Missouri football team gets ready for Oklahoma State, questions were asked of various items surrounding the team. The most ridiculous was someone asked if the reason why T.J. Moe wasn't getting the ball is because he is "dating Franklin's ex girlfriend." Moe leads the receiving corps with 31 grabs for 375 yards and two touchdowns. Another question was asked if offensive coordinator David Yost has recognized the Cowboys' susceptible run defense and if he would use running back Henry Josey more in the game plan.
"Absolutely. Fans might not believe it based on the K-State game and some others, but the players tell me the coaches understand that the running game has become the catalyst for the offense. They know how valuable Josey has become."
That is from Columbia Daily Tribune sports beat writer Dave Matter, who is considered the leading source for Mizzou football news in Columbia.

"They know how valuable Josey has become." Read that again and let it sink in. Josey has run the ball 74 times for 717 yards this year. That's a very respectable 9.7 yards per carry average. Through the six games they've played, Josey is averaging 119.5 yards per game, which puts him at ninth in the country. He leads the running backs in rushing touchdowns with six. Only Franklin has more (7).

The offense has been a surprisingly balanced attack, given the fact that the spread-style is beneficial for a pass-first attack. James Franklin leads the way with 1488 yards, but as a team they've passed for 1558. As a team rushing, 1419. The fact that the run game has been the "catalyst" for the offense is almost as crazy as a fullback in the backfield. Wait a second...didn't Mizzou run from the I-formation on numerous occasions against Iowa State, using 6'2, 250lb tailback Jared Culver (season stats: 15 car, 93 yds, TD) as a fullback? Well then, maybe the run game leading the way really isn't that preposterous after all.

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