07 January 2012



The Tigers enter the contest at 14-0. This is their first 14-0 start since 1982. Mizzou is with only seven scholarship players, Kadeem Green transferred away from the program prior to the Oklahoma game on Tuesday.

Battle of the Franks:
Frank Martin (106-45 at KSU) vs Frank Haith (14-0 at MU)

5'10 SO Phil Pressey, 6'2 SR Matt Pressey, 6'8 SR- Ricardo Ratliffe, 6'3 SR Marcus Denmon and 6'6 SR Kim English start for Mizzou.
6'7 SR Jamar Samuels, 6'11 JR Jordan Henriquez, 6'1 JR Martavius Irving, 6'2 SR Will Spradling, 6'4 JR Rodney McGruder start for the Wildcats.

Mizzou is shooting 52% from the floor coming into this game.

K-State gets the opening tip.

Traveling by the Wildcats.

First points: Henriquez

Two turnovers already for Mizzou, no shots.

Matt Pressey with the rebound.

Matt Pressey for 3, 3-2 Mizzou.

Denmon with rebound.

English for three, missed. Phil Pressey offensive rebound

Traveling by Ratliffe.

Foul on Ratliffe. First personal, first team. Steve Moore to replace Ratliffe.

Jamar Samuels at the FT line. Made first, made second. 4-3 KSU lead.

Denmon shot blocked.

KSU foul.

Mizzou shot missed, Samuels rebound.

KSU two-pt. 6-3

Three pointer KSU, 9-3

Mizzou turnover leads to under 16:00 timeout.

1/2 FTs for KSU, 10-3 Wildcats

Denmon and Moore both miss, foul on Kim English.

McGruder makes it 12-3 Wildcats

The Tigers have good ball movement, but can't get decent shots or drive to the rim.

Moore to the line for two free throws- missed the first. Made the second. 10-0 run stopped by Mizzou, 12-4 Wildcats lead

K-State now leads 14-4

Demon with a 3pt to cut into the deficit, 14-7 KSU lead.

16-7 KSU off a mid-range jumper.

Denmon with 2nd 3pt, 16-10 Wildcats

Spradling responds with 3pt of his own, 19-10 KSU lead at the under 12:00 timeout. Denmon with 6 pts.

Michael Dixon for two FTs. Missed the first. Made the second. Dixon now 55/61 for free throws on the year.

McGruder makes it 21-11 KSU.

Denmon missed a 3pt attempt. KSU rebound.

Henriquez to the line for two. Made the first. Missed the second. 22-11.

Moore to the line for two. 1/2 on the game. Missed the first. Made the second. Moore now 2/4 free throws on the day. 22-12 KSU leads.

Matt Pressey shot blocked by Henriquez.

Dixon to the line for two. 1/2 on the game. Made the first. Dixon shooting 91% free throws on the year prior to this game. Made the second. 3/4 on the game, 57/63 on the year.

Foul off the ball on Matt Pressey. His first, 5th team.

McGruder with the put-back. McGruder has 10. Ratliffe turns the ball over, KSU leads 24-14

McGruder with his second personal.

Foul on the Wildcats sends Phil Pressey to the line for 2. Missed the first. Made the second. Flip 1/2.

Spradling extends the lead to 26-15

Blocked out of bounds by Henriquez. Still Missouri ball.

Another block by KSU's Henriquez.

Missouri having problems getting the ball down low.

McGruder with 10, Spradling with 8 pts for the Wildcats.

Dixon's 3pt shot missed. KSU rebound

No call as Samuels knocks down English. 28-15 KSU.

Under 8:00 timeout.

30-16 KSU lead.

Ratliffe with a rebound.

Charge on Ratliffe.

KSU spreading Mizzou out along the perimeter, driving to the basket. 32-17 Wildcats

8th turnover by Mizzou. Most this season: 13 in a game.

Foul and one for the Wildcats. Largest lead of the game at 17, chance to make it 18. Foul is on English- 2nd. 35-17 after the 2+1

22 points in the paint for KSU, Missouri with 0.

Missouri in the bonus, Flip to the line. Made the front end of the 1-and-1. Made the second. 35-19

Spradling for 3pt. 38-19

Denmon with the back door drive at 4:03. First FG in over 8 minutes. 12:20 was last FG.

No call on Spradling blocking Dixon. Flip with the steal, Dixon turns the ball over. 9 T/Os at the under 4:00 timeout. 38-21

5th block for the Wildcats.

Moore one and done. 38-21. Mizzou 4/18 from the floor.

Denmon makes it 40-23. First points in the paint on the day.

Spradling makes the first of the 1-and-1. Made the second. 42-23 Wildcats.

Matt Pressey misses the 3pt long. Timeout KSU with :55.2 left in the first. Wildcats lead by 19.

Last Missouri win in Manhattan- 2005.

Irving makes it a 21-pt advantage. Timeout Missouri with :29.3 to play. 44-23 KSU

Missouri playing for the last shot. Denmon to the line with :3.8 in the half.

Denmon makes the first. Makes the 2nd. 44-25 at the half as Dixon misses the buzzer beater.

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