18 April 2012

Extreme Makover: Basketball Edition

New court met with angst by fans
by Mizzou Matt
COLUMBIA, MO- Senior Laurence Bowers gave Mizzou fans a preview of what the basketball court will look like for the inaugural season in the SEC, and the reveal was dissimilar to that of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Fans appear to take a traditionalist stance to the design, which has "MIZZOU" in the new branding text at both ends underneath the basket, the "SEC" circle logo in the lane, and a large oval Tiger logo at mid-court. "Norm Stewart Court" with Stormin' Norman's signature still adorns the floor, and accompanying it on either side of the timeline is "TIGERS". Conspicuously absent from the new look is what has become a signature for Mizzou basketball courts- the Missouri state outline.

The traditionalists made their disapproval known of the absence of the outline, but as someone from the University may say is that "with a new conference, comes a new look." Fans weighed in with their thoughts on the Mizzou Nation Facebook page:

"I like it," said Bud. "But I prefer the state of Missouri on it."

"Exactly!" Shane added. "Where is the state outline? Where is the tradition? First get rid of the M's on the helmets and now the State outline? Are we a university of just a business?"

"The logo in the middle of the state was perfect at mid court. Besides that I like this," as Rudy chimed in.
So what's all the hubbub about? Here's the picture that Bowers tweeted earlier today. You decide for yourself if the University is shying away from its roots just a little too much.

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