11 August 2011

Dot the 'I's, Cross the 'T's

Sheldon Richardson cleared Wed. afternoon
by MizzMatt 8/11/2011
Columbia, MO- Sheldon Richardson. The name rings a bell, but nobody knows for sure who he is, or if he's even a real person. Nobody has ever been so highly touted, but yet so widely unknown. Someone jokingly asked if he was a mythical creature from the land of Oz. Others speculated he was a spell from the Harry Potter series. Neither of these are correct. Sheldon is the no-1 rated defensive tackle from the 2011 signing class, and what's worse for the opponents of Missouri: he has been cleared by the NCAA to suit up.

"Gotta make sure the 'I's are dotted and the 'T's are crossed. I'm here to stay," Sheldon told reporters after his first practice on Thursday.

His being declared eligible by the NCAA has also gained national notoriety. Former quarterback, current ESPN college football analyst and a co-host of the network's College Football GameDay Kirk Herbstreit had this to say: "Missouri's defense just got a whole lot better than it was. This team will be very dangerous."

The story has certainly been the buzz of Mizzou fan pages and among Tiger fans on Twitter, as after the announcement by Chad Moller, Mizzou football spokesman, late yesterday, the message boards were lit up with Sheldon Richardson.

Some jokes have already been circulating about the story:
"There's a line at the Big 12 office in Dallas nine teams long. All reportedly there to forfeit."
"Nebraska left for the Big Ten because they knew Sheldon would be cleared to play."
"Texas A&M says they're headed for the SEC almost immediately after Sheldon is cleared. Coincidence? I think not."
No matter the joke, it's no laughing matter. Now that he's been cleared, he must attend classes and keep his eligibility, otherwise all these stories carry no weight.

PERSONALLY, I wish Sheldon the best of luck in his new role at Mizzou, and now we actually have a face to go with the name. Sheldon Richardson- the man, the myth, the soon-to-be legend.

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