13 August 2011

Expanding the Shrinkage

TAMU to SEC, Clemson, FSU could follow
by Mizzou Matt 8/13/11
Columbia, MO- We've seen it all over Facebook, Twitter and ESPN SportsCenter- Texas A&M is considering a move to the Southeastern Conference. Sources say that the SEC could also be in the future for two ACC teams- the Clemson Tigers and Florida State Seminoles. Some are also speculating that Missouri could be SEC-bound. The one problem about that report is that nobody from Mizzou has spoken to the SEC about a move.

Mike Alden tells Gabe DeArmond of PowerMizzou.com that the remaining Big 12 athletic directors have a conference call with conference commissioner Dan Beebe today (Saturday) at 3p. There, they are expected to discuss the future of the Big 12, and any possible moves that a school wants to make. After last year's realignment of Colorado and Nebraska, the Big 12 banded together and said as one voice that they aren't going anywhere. "The round-robin play benefits everybody," said Mizzou's Gary Pinkel. The one downfall of last year's deal has to be the Longhorn Network for the University of Texas. It was announced two weeks ago that Texas could not air high school content on the network for at least a year. Shortly after, the talks and speculation started about Texas A&M.

Social media has played a huge role in the breaking of the news. On Twitter, that oh-so-powerful tool, Doug Gottlieb of ESPN reported that Mizzou is SEC-bound. One minute later, DeArmond says we're not. We cannot forget that it was reported via Twitter by Bernie Miklasz that Matt Painter was headed to Missouri from Purdue. Not even a day later, Painter withdrew his apparent commitment and signed a deal with the Boilermakers.

Alden had this to say in response to Gottlieb's report: "Where are we going? We haven't talked to anybody."

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