20 February 2012

Faurot Changes

Proposed and expected 2012 modifications
by Mizzou Matt via mutigers.com
COLUMBIA, MO- University of Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden announced today what many Tiger fans have hoped for- changes to Faurot Field. Among the major modification of a new $1.5M (approx) playing surface, this is what Mizzou fans can expect going into next season:
  • Larger Tiger logo at midfield
  • SEC conference logos
  • "M-I-Z-Z-O-U" endzone diamonds instead of "MISSOURI"
  • Touchdown Terrace Seating- new seats, more seats, which will also slightly raise the capacity of 71,004.
  • Visiting team ticket allotment increased from approximately 3,800 to 6,000
  • No re-entry. Once you're in, you're in.
  • New football uniforms that will be unveiled at the Black & Gold Spring Game on April 14th. The new unis will focus more on the Tiger logo instead of the block "M". Alden reports that the University has been working with Nike for the last 18 months on a new design.
  • Marching Mizzou will be moved from the south endzone, above the locker room, to the southeast corner of the student section on the east side of the stadium. Convenience for halftime performances and acoustics are the reasoning behind this move.
Alden expect Mizzou to sellout Faurot Field for 2012, which isn't that far-fetched, given the SEC fan bases travel notoriously well. The University will also be resealing a number of parking lots, which if you have tailgated recently, you know they are in desperate need of repair.

You, the fan, can also expect an increase in ticket pricing. Tiger Scholarship Fund (TSF) members will see an increase in minimum donations to keep their Priority Seating. The increases will be across the board, and there will also be an increase in TSF/Donor Priority Seating.

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