07 February 2011

Mizzou @ Kansas live game notes

Live notes
Missouri Tigers at Kansas Jayhawks
Date: 2/7/2011
Location: Lawrence, KS
Time: 8p/C

The University of Missouri travels to The Phog Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, KS to take on their most hated rival, the Kansas Jayhawks.  Though you won't be reading this live, it is my notes taken from live play.

MU Starters:
1- Phil Pressey
3- Matt Pressey
11- Michael Dixon
12- Marcus Denmon
21- Laurence Bowers

ESPN Commentators:
Brent Musberger
Bob Knight
Holly Rowe

FASTEST 40 MINUTES IN BASKETBALL!!  KU gets the opening tip off...three pointer- missed.
MU first possession...turnover.
KU scores first with a put back by Taylor.
First foul to Kansas, Denmon to the line for two...2/2.  Tied at 2...18:30
KU basket.  4-2 KU lead
Ratliffe offensive rebound and bucket, 4-4
Phil Pressey called for foul (1)
KU basket, 6-4 KU lead.
Laurence Bowers...6-6
KU miss, MU rebound.
Bowers from P. Pressey...8-6 MU lead
Ricardo Ratliffe 3 pointer...11-8
KU basket...11-10 MU
Bowers...13-10 MU lead
3-pt missed by KU
Turnover Mizzou.
Media timeout. 15:06

Mizzou, despite three turnovers, is rebounding very well so far.

15:06- play resume, KU inbound, 13-10 Mizzou
KU bucket.  13-12 Mizzou
KU foul.
Kim English checks into the game for the Tigers with Justin Safford.
Ratliffe rebound and put back. 15-12 Mizzou
MU foul - Ratliffe (1)
KU for two..first one missed.  Missed both shots.  0/2...15-12 MU
KU foul.  Kim English goes to the line for two...first one good.  Lane violation on KU.  2/2..17-12 MU.
Steve Moore and Ricky Kreklow into the game.
KU bucket...17-14 MU
Michael Dixon for 3...20-14 MU
KU called for charging...MU ball.
English clangs out...KU rebound.
KU for three.  20-17 MU
Dixon for two.  22-17 MU
KU called for travelling.  MU ball.
Media timeout at 11:32.

Tigers are playing the game of their life right now.  Let's hope they can keep it up!  Dixon has sank the last five points for the Tigers.  72.7% shooting to start the game (8/11)

11:32- MU inbound after the charging call.
Poked out by KU.  Mizzou ball.
English miss...KU rebound
MU foul- Dixon (2) 4 on the team.
KU bucket.  22-19 MU
Justin Safford goes to the line for two....first one missed. 
Phil Pressey checks in.  Safford: 1/2...23-19 MU
KU bucket...23-21 MU
Safford missed for three...KU rebound.
KU bucket...tie at 23
MU miss..KU rebound.
KU turnover.
Ratliffe and Bowers check in.
KU three pointer...26-23 KU
KU poked it out, MU ball.
Ratliffe for two...26-25 KU
KU turnover.  KU foul on the floor.
KU rebound.  28-28 tie.
Bowers miss...KU rebound.
Jump ball on the KU miss.  MU ball.
Media timeout 7:12

Seesaw battle so far.  MU needs to keep the fight

MU ball...28-28 tie.
Denmon airs a three.
MU called for blocking foul.
Steal by MU...Matt Pressey.  30-28 MU.
KU three.  31-30 KU
Bowers for two...32-31 MU
Rebound by MU.
Phil Pressey with a drive...bucket and one.  34-31 MU.
Timeout Kansas. 5:26 in the half.

5:26- KU ball...apparently no foul.
KU bucket and the foul....34-33....count it.  34-34 tie
MU ball.
MU foul...1 and 1...first one good.  1/2...35-34 KU
Dixon missed an errant shot.
MU foul.  KU to the line for two.
Media timeout

3:58- KU at the line for two...missed the first.  1/2.  36-34 KU
Bowers for two.  36-36 tie.
KU called for charging. MU ball.
English slips and called for traveling.  KU ball
KU for three.  39-36 KU
KU dunk, but Robinson injures himself.  41-36 KU

2:24- Foul on KU Little (3).
Mizzou 1 and 1...Matt Pressey makes the first.  2/2...41-39 KU
KU foul on Mizzou's rebound.  Little (3)
Matt Pressey to the line for 1 and 1...count it.  Second one: 2/2.  41-40 KU
KU three.  44-40 KU
MU miss..no foul.
MU rebound.
Bowers for two.  44-42 KU
KU gets the offensive rebound.
KU gets the basket with :5 seconds left.

Halftime: 46-42 Kansas lead.

KU ball on the alternating possession.  KU turnover.
MU turnover.
MU foul on Ratliffe (3).  First team foul of the half.
Justin Safford checks in for Ratliffe.
MU steal.
Bowers ally-oop layup.  46-44 KU
Phil Pressey (2) called for the foul.  Second team of the half.
KU offensive board and put back.  48-44 KU
MU offensive board by P. Pressey.
Denmon with a layup.  48-46 KU.  Denmon with 4 points.
MU foul on Bowers (2), third team of the half.  KU bucket good, and one.  Got it.  51-46 KU
KU Reed (3) called for foul on the floor.
KU rebound.  Justin Safford (1) on the foul, fourth team.  Morris to the line for two.  Missed the first.  1/2.  52-46 KU
MU getting into foul trouble early.
Matt Pressey (3) on the foul, fifth team.
KU bucket.  54-46 KU
MU miss.  KU rebound.
KU bucket.  Mizzou timeout. 16:14.  56-46 KU

Denmon gets the layup.  56-48 KU
KU for three.  59-48 KU
P. Pressey for three.  59-51 KU
Foul on Phil Pressey (3).  Team's 6th of the half.

KU basket and one.  62-51 KU
Seven team fouls on the Tigers...not even five minutes into the half.
Denmon with three.  62-54 KU
KU three ball.  65-54 KU
Bowers with the board and put back.  65-56 KU
English with the board.
KU flagrant foul on Markiff Morris.  2nd team.
Justin Safford to the line for two.  Got the first.  Both.  65-58 KU
MU ball after the flagrant.
Safford missed for three.
MU foul on Bowers. 8th team foul.
KU makes both.  67-58.
Steal by KU.
KU dunk.  69-58 KU
KU called for the foul.  3rd team of the half.
Deep two for Safford.  69-60 KU
Three pointer for KU.  72-60
MU steal.
Denmon missed the tree.
KU drains three.  75-60 KU
Timeout Missouri.  11:24  75-60 KU lead.

11:24- MU inbound.
Kreklow missed for three.
MU foul on Ratliffe (4).  9th team foul.

Bowers rebound.
KU 4th team foul.  Bowers to the line for two...missed the first.  1/2.  75-61 KU
KU bucket.  77-61
KU 5th team foul.  Bowers to the line for two...got the first.  2/2.  77-63 KU
KU for three.  80-63
KU 6th team foul..and one.  P. Pressey makes the bucket.  80-66
MU 10th team foul.  KU shooting two...count the first.  2/2  82-66
Kreklow turnover.
11th Foul on Bowers (4).    Missed the first.  1/2.  83-66
Phil Pressey for three.  83-69
KU bucket.  85-69
Phil Pressey for deep.  85-72
12th foul on Steve Moore.
Media timeout.  7:34

7:34- KU to the line for two.  Missed the first.  0/2.  85-72.
KU foul on Markiff Morris.  Moore for one and one.  Miss.  KU rebound
Foul on P. Pressey (4).  KU to the line for two.  Got the first.  2/2.  87-72
Ratliffe for three.  87-75
Ratliffe fouls out.  12 points, 5/5 on FG, 2/2 3PT
English in for Ratliffe.
Count the first.  2/2.  89-75
Dixon missed for three.  KU rebound.
KU layup.  91-75
English fouled by Marcus Morris.  English to the line for two...count the first.
Phil Pressey back in.  English 2/2.  91-77
KU bucket.  93-77
Blocked out of bounds by KU.  MU ball.
KU blocking foul.  P. Pressey to the line for 1 and 1...got the front end.  1/2.  93-78.  KU has 33 rebounds at this point.
Laurence Bowers fouls out.  Count the first.  2/2.  95-78
Matt Pressey with a layup.  95-80
KU bucket.  97-80
English hits the fade away.  97-82
Kreklow in for M. Pressey.
Kreklow rebounds on a missed three.
English misses for three.
English with the strip.  KU poked it out, MU ball
Media timeout.  3:27

Mizzou basket.  97-84
KU three point.  100-84
Phil Pressey with the layup.  100-86
MU foul on Phil Pressey (5).  Pressey fouls out.  Count the first.  1/2.  101-86
English missed for two.  KU rebound.
KU bucket.  103-86
Kreklow missed from downtown.  KU rebound.
Shotclock violation on KU.

Final score: 103-86

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