23 March 2011

Basketball Press Conference

Memorable quotes:
"A lot of emotions.  Why us?" -Laurence Bowers

"I'm a Missouri kid, I grew up watching Mizzou basketball." -Marcus Denmon

"We won't stop being his family." -Kim English

"We gotta worry about ourselves." -Laurence Bowers

"I play for Mizzou." -Marcus Denmon

"You have to adapt." -Kim English

"I think we'll reconcile it by winning." -Kim English

Three Tiger basketball stars fought the tears as they addressed the media in a press conference regarding the abrupt resignation of coach Anderson.  Laurence Bowers, Marcus Denmon and Kim English addressed the media alongside Mike Alden about losing Anderson to Arkansas.  Alden had this to say of the next coach for MU basketball:  "It has to be someone that wants to be at Mizzou."

Also according to Alden, the Athletic Department didn't receive the written request to negotiate with other schools until 5p Tuesday.  "Why was that request [made]?" Alden stated to the media.  "We withdrew any offer that was made at the time permission was granted."  Alden continued to drive home the point that it is not just a coach, or a particular program, "They're representing a larger team, they're representing Mizzou."

"An 'I want to win a National Championship' type of level." -Mike Alden

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