11 March 2011

Tigers Season Ends in KC

Tigers finish 23-10, 9-9 in conference
Kansas City, MO- The Tigers basketball season is done.  It came to a crashing halt in the Big 12 tournament against the Texas A&M Aggies.  After beating Texas Tech in the opening round of the tourney, the Tigers struggled in the same way that they struggled against the University of Kanas on March 5th.  The Tigers only shot 27% from the field.  That's right...twenty-seven percent.  Our postseason dreams are finally a reality, as with the win over Tech, we're guaranteed a spot in the Big Dance.  The seeding, however, will be another story.  We could be seeded as high as 7th, but I don't see any possible way we can get that high.  I predict that the Tigers will enter the Madness at an impressively average 10 seed. 

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