17 March 2011

Gabbert Pro Day

B-Gab lets his play answer questions
by MizzMatt
Columbia, MO- Today was the University of Missouri football team's Pro Day, where NFL scouts come out and see what the players who have declared for the draft have to offer.  Blaine Gabbert earned high praises from the scouts, as Sports Illustrated's Dave Banks had this to say:
"Consensus of NFL scouts here on Gabbert:  'He looked like a franchise QB.  [He] Answered the issues about footwork, being under center and accuracy."
Pretty good for someone who threw 16 TDs and 9 INTs in the 2010 season.  It'll certainly help his draft stock, as well, as teams have been eyeballing him as early as 5th overall (Arizona).

To see a little bit of Gabbert's Pro Day, here is a short video clip:
Of the 49 passes he attempted, Blaine completed about 46 of them, with three downright drops by his receivers.  He really silenced his critics around the league with his performance today.

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