14 March 2011

Norm Stewart Dedication Page

Honoring 32 years of devoted service
by MizzMatt
There is a new page on Facebook, dedicated to the man they call "Stormin'" Norman.  No, not General Norm Schwarzkopf, I'm talking about the general of the hardwood- Norm Stewart.  Coach Stewart dedicated 32 years of his life to coaching Mizzou basketball...and not spending a dime in the state of Kansas.  Norm was a dual-sport athlete at MU in the 1950s, playing on the 1954 National Championship baseball team (and throwing the University's first no-hitter in 1956), as well as being an outstanding player on the court (he's currently in the top-30 all time scoring).  Coach Stewart was diagnosed with colon cancer in the 1988-89 season, and has since made a full recovery and now spends his time raising awareness about the disease.

The Facebook page, administered by myself, is a dedication to the legacy Stormin' Norm left behind at Mizzou.  Our basketball court is named in his honor, after all.  Use the link below for direct access to Norm Stewart's fan page:

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