26 March 2011


Please keep this in mind when you view the pages relating to Mizzou Nation-
The information that I pass is information that has either already happened, such as score updates or events that were covered in the news; information that is currently ongoing such as the present coaching search for MU basketball; or are RUMORS and SPECULATION of what MIGHT occur, such as the hiring of Matt Painter as head men's basketball coach.  If you hear something different, please feel free to share, but in this age of technology, no one person is going to have all the answers.  Just because someone hasn't posted it elsewhere, doesn't mean it hasn't happened, or it hasn't been seen or heard by someone else.  Us here at MN encourage open debating about a topic, but to come out and say that it "just isn't true" because someone else hasn't posted it will no longer be tolerated from this point forward.

I merely pass on what I hear/encounter/come across and pass that information on to you.

Matt at Mizzou Nation

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